Math Competitions 2021-2022 Calendar

Please refer to the official websites for the final competition dates and rules.

Biggest changes for the dates are the AMC10/12 and AMC8.

Math Kangaroo, Beestar, and MathCounts are open for registration now.
Competition SeriesCompetitionsGradesDatesOnline Or In-personTeam RoundComments
Math KangarooMath Kangaroo1-12Mar 17 - Apr 17, 2022OnlineNoRegistration starts 9/15. Cordova Branch Library is unable to open for in-person.
BeestarBeestar National Competition (BNC) 2-7Oct 18 - Oct 21 2021
And Spring
OnlineNo1 - Dash Round Mon, Oct 18 ~ Tue, Oct 19
60 mins within 2 days
2 - Spark Round Wed, Oct 20 ~ Thu, Oct 21
60 mins within 2 days
AMC 86-8 and underJanuary 18 - January 24, 2022Online and In-personNo
AMC 10/12 A10/12 and underNovember 10, 2021Online and In-personNo
AMC 10/12 B10/12 and underNovember 16, 2021Online and In-personNo
AIME IInvitational February 8, 2022No
AIME IIInvitational February 16, 2022No
MATHCOUNTS 2022 School Competition6-8Nov. 1, 2021OnlineNoNon-school can register this year as well.
MATHCOUNTS 2022 Chapter Competitions6-8Feb. 1-28, 2022OnlineTBDNon-school can register this year as well.
The top scoring student from each school and the top 20% of individuals from each chapter advance to the 2022 Chapter Invitational Competition.
MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS 2022 Chapter Invitational Competition6-8TBDOnlineTBDThe top 5 students from each chapter and the 10 next highest scoring students in the state (based on their scores on the Sprint and Target Rounds) advance to the 2022 State Compe­tition.
MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS 2022 State Competition6-8Mar. 1-31, 2022OnlineTBD
MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS 2022 National Competition6-8May 8-9, 2022OnlineYes
Perennial MathOnce a month + more options3-8TN Tournament Dec 4, 2021OnlineNot this yearNo Onsite Tournament schedueld for Memphis area this year yet.
MOEMSMathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools4-8Each month from November through MarchOnline and In-personNoElementary (Grades 4-6)
and Middle (Grades 6-8) Divisions.
Algebra I
Grades 6-8: February, 2022, TBD
Grades 4-5: Algebra I, Mid April 2022, TBD
OnlineNoOnline Login Link
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