Math Competitions 2020-2021 Calendar

Please refer to the official websites for the final competition dates and rules.

Competition SeriesCompetitionsGradesDatesOnline Or In-personTeam RoundComments
AMC 86-8 and underNovember 10, 2020Online and In-personNo
AMC 10/12 A10/12 and underFebruary 4, 2021Online and In-personNo
AMC 10/12 B10/12 and underFebruary 10, 2021Online and In-personNo
AIME IInvitational March 10, 2021No
AIME IIInvitational March 18, 2021No
MATHCOUNTS 4 Practices6-8October 15, November 15, December 15 and January 22.OnlineNot this yearNon-school can register this year as well.
MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS 2021 Chapter Competition6-8February 5, 2021OnlineNot this yearNon-school can register this year as well.
The top scoring student from each school and the top 20% of individuals from each chapter advance to the 2021 Chapter Invitational Competition.
MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS 2021 Chapter Invitational Competition6-8February 25, 2021OnlineNot this yearThe top 5 students from each chapter and the 10 next highest scoring students in the state (based on their scores on the Sprint and Target Rounds) advance to the 2021 State Compe­tition
MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS 2021 State Competition6-8March 25, 2021OnlineNot this year
MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS 2021 National Competition6-8May 8-11 2021OnlineNot this year
MOAA(The Math Open At Andover)MOAA6-8October 10th, 2020Online Teams consist of 1 to 4 students with no restrictions. Registration closes on October 1st.
Math KangarooMath Kangaroo1-12March 18, 2021OnlineNoRegistration starts 9/15. Cordova Branch Library is unable to open for in-person.
Perennial MathOnce a month + more options3-8Sep 26, 2020, Oct 17, 2020, Oct 31, 2020, Nov 21, 2020, Dec 12, 2020OnlineNot this yearNo Onsite Tournament schedueld for Memphis area this year yet.
MOEMSMathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools4-8Each month from November through MarchOnline and In-personNoElementary (Grades 4-6)
and Middle (Grades 6-8) Divisions.
BeestarBeestar National Competition (BNC) 2-7TBD, December and JulyOnlineNo
Algebra I
Grades 6-8: February 20, 2021
Grades 4-5: Algebra I, Mid April 2021, TBD
OnlineNoOnline Login Link
This is different from
Lexington Math TournamentLMT Spring Online6-8 and underApril 30th – May 9th, 2021OnlineYesRegistration deadline: Friday, April 23!
Registration is free!